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How Sanskrit Language Relating to Tarot Cards? The
creators of Sanskrit language were ancient people who
also left us writing, hieroglyphics as well, since Sanksrit
used picture writing. Hieroglyphics was the base of Greek
alphabet and later on the Roman.

Response to Some of Your Question.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Most of us faced with so many different cards and interpretation of tarot that attempting to understand the cards become a hazy puzzle. Reading these different type of cards will not change the meaning however. For example the card of Sweetheart or Queen of Hearts might be portrayed differently with each tarot, however, it will only change the portrayal of the image itself, not the meaning. The meaning will always remain the same with every tarot. The Sweetheart is representing the creation of matter, she is Eva, Earth. That is why the Sweetheart always defined as a woman of gentle nature, fruitfulness, feelings, emotions, protection, so forth. Therefore, no matter which tarot you have, Gypsy, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Oracle, or other type of card, it will have the same meaning. The difference you will find between the different type of cards, for example the Zigeuner card's 36 images will not have the card of Merchant, Conversation, Servant, Foreign Woman, so forth. The same cards that the Zigeuner and Art deco card have are the card of Sweetheart, Widow, Widower, Thought, etc. And in both tarot they will have identical interpretation. What about cards such as the Le Normand? They have different images altogether, therefore, they must mean different thing. With Lenormand you will also find the card of Sweetheart as a Lady and the card of Lover as a Gentleman.  Whilst the card of Message in Gypsy card represented with Hermes in Lenorand it changed into the Cavalier, who is in the service of the king. Hermes and the Cavalier is one of the same. Hermes was the messenger between the gods and the mortals, the Cavalier also a messenger of the Gods (the King) and the mortals (those who oppressed).. They both hiding their true purpose, to spy on the general population, to assure the power of the gods.

If you purchased Zigeuner Tarot Ebook, you don't have to purchase the ebook on Gypsy Card as they are one of the same. Only the images have minor differences. You are able to use for example the Art Deco e-book to learn Zigeuner, as the Art Deco tarot contains the same cards, but some more...


Sanskrit, meaning 'perfected' or 'refined', is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of all attested human languages.

It is a closely guarded secret however, that the Romany (gypsy) people native language is Sanskrit, it is their mother tongue.

When you search any search engine, you will find Sanskrit contributed to Indians and not a word about the Romany people as the original speakers of this language...

Sanskrit is the base alphabet to every language existing today. They used a heliography writing. Heliography derived from Sanskrit, from two words;  heli is Sun and grAhin drawing; heligrahin therefore means Sun drawing, Sun  writing. Sanskrit also derived from two words, from sans envisage, foretell, predict, approve and kRti creation. Therefore Sanskrit should be written as sanskrti.


Their true identity and their language is hidden and instead you will find falsified evidence and history of their origin, language, customs, their appearance, so on. They are the most oppressed people in the world since their knowledge, their language and their science was stolen over eight-nine thousand years ago. They become a free topic for all kind of speculations.

The truth is that the Romany people were not only the founders of the Sanskrit language, but they laid down the foundation of philosophy called Cintana in Sanskrit, meaning Thinking Soul, Philosophy. Today you know the word Cintana as Cigany, Zigeuner, Tzigani and it is used as a racial slure. The original meaning is long forgotten.

Their knowledge become the base of science and religion. When we talk about religion however, do not picture temples and churches. The Gorgons didn't understand the knowledge they have stolen, they thought a temple is a building. A temple or a house in Sanskrit is referring to your body, not a building.

The Romany people. the Gypsies use to be known as the Phoenicians in ancient time. They lived in Crete, Greece, Italy and surrounding islands until the Gorgon (Neanderthal) invasion.

Their knowledge was stolen, they were enslaved, and the Neanderthals claimed to be the creators of the stolen knowledge.

Many of these ancient secrets left in Tarot. The Thieves, appears in Tarot card as the Enemy, Thief, Officer and the card of Jealousy. In Greek mythology the thief is called Prometheus from Sanskrit Pramatha, translating as rape, destruction, tormenting, racking, theft. Prometheus remained a hero for the thieves. The theft which created inequality, different religious ideas, division, wars, slavery, etc..
Divine Book Sale, Ancient Way Reading Gypsy Card
The Secrets of Gypsy Cards and Tarot

Tarot derived from Sanskrit Tara, translaing to road, passing over
or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. It is also called Tarita, a form
of Durga, also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion,
recollection, which is referring to Akasha, i.e. that we already
possess this knowledge and all we have to do is to remind ourselves
of this wisdom. The full name of Tarot is Zigeuner Tarot, which
word again a Saskrit word, Zigeuner, Cigany Tzigani derived from
Cintana, which translates to philosophy. Therefore the meaning of
Gypsy Tarot is Philosophy of Life's journey.
How to Read Gypsy Cards

On most Gypsy cards Constancy is portrayed with the sun, representing our origin, the  
continuation of life, referring to constancy. The image here however, seem to portray a woman  
standing strong over and above the rubles left from an ancient city, reminding us that all the  
objects we cherish today has no meaning tomorrow. She is Hora taken from Sanksrit hour, the  
personifications of time and natural order; According to Hesiod, the Horae were the children of  
Zeus, from Sanskrit Sus and Zus (sound of God) and Themis from Sanskrit Tattva, meaning balance,  
justice and truth. Zeus and Themis daughters are Eunomia, (Sanskrit enA i.e. Time) Dike, (dik i.e.  
direction, order) and Eirene-i.e., araNI, mother, Sun and araNa, refuge, indicating the extension  
of their functions from nature to the events of human life.
Reading Tarot is Fun.

You could ask how these ancient definitions can apply today,  
within modern society it surely cannot work. The meaning of the  
images derived from Sanskrit and each card interpretation is  
such a thorough study of the mind that it would take a whole  
book just to explain one card. Even today's psychologist are still  
behind understanding the complexity of the psyche in  
comparison to the speaker and inventors of the Sanskrit  
language, the Phoenicians. These ancient people extensively  
decoded the mind, because the language itself allows a much  
deeper understanding, a view of the world, which opens the  
door to other dimensions.
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