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This website only provides information about Gypsy Cards, the
origin of spells, anything to do with Sanskrit language, is translated,
which opens an ancient history previously unknown to most of us.
Did you know? Every spell can be traced back to Ancient Greece, to
the Veda in a distorted form. How ancient Greece got hold on to this
book? This is a question which will remain a riddle.
Ancient Riddles, the Secrets of Agni, the Fire of the Sun.

With the Ancient Riddles, Agni, the Fire of the Sun, you will understand the connection between mythology, Budhist belief system, Christianity, philosophy, the Veda and how the creation of universe played out in human life. When you study the cards deeper, than the image simplicity suggested at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets, a deep understanding about human nature, the psyche, helping you to understand yourself.
Ancient Riddles, the Secrets of Agni, the Fire of the Sun.
With Sanskrit language you are able to discover a hidden magical world, where everything considered to be alive, animate or inanimate objects. For example Earth has many names, among them she is called Eva and she is married to Adam, who is in Sanskrit a representation of non-matter, he is the unseen who has created the material world. You find Eva among the Gypsy card as the Sweetheart and Adam as the Lover. Whilst the picture of the Wedding portraying the union of non-matter Adam, with matter, Eva, the representation of creation.​ The House card is representing You, the Room is portraying your consciousness, mind and spirit, the visitor card is to bring unity to the spaces within your house, room, to create trinity between spirit mind and body.
The first thing you should be aware of, is that the original speakers of Sanskrit language were the Phoenicians. The Sanskrit language is not made for religious  
purposes only, it is a spoken language even today. The Phoenicians true identity and their language kept hidden and instead the media using misleading  
propaganda of their origin, their language, customs, their appearance which is brown and not blond and white, hence they become a free topic for all kind of  
speculations. The truth is that the Phoenicians were not only the founders of the Sanskrit language, but they laid down the foundation of philosophy, science  
and religion. When we talk about religion however, do not picture temples and churches. A Church or a Temple is your body, it should not be outside of you.  
When you join any religious organisation, you become part of a hierarchical system which always based on corruption, inequality, hence it is against the base  
principles of impartiality, which was the core foundation of the Phoenician's religious belief system. The Sanskrit writing as the Sanskrit language claimed to be  
Indian. That is not so. The Indians today speak a language which is less evolved, the same way as other European languages then Sanskrit. Why would any nation  
change a highly sofisticated language to a lesser one? Because Indian the same way as European languages evolved or rather devolved from Sanskrit. It is not  
their native language.
The Trinity created upon enlightenment between the different spaces, body, mind, spirit, and the Matrix protection will guide you though the difficulties and obstacles (vagara), to overcome, for one day to become a vaida, a wise man. the Matrix also known as Rhea, meaning ascending, purging, cleansing.

Space and time are universal forms of the existence of matter, the coordination of objects. The universality of these forms lies in the fact that they are forms of existence of all the objects and processes that have ever existed or will exist in the infinite universe. Not only the events of the external world, but also all feelings and thoughts take place in space and time. In the material world everything has extension and duration. Space has three dimensions, but time has only one-from the past through the present to the future. It is inevitable, unrepeatable and irreversible. Therefore, the card of Constancy is a reminder to learn to understand the here and now. The past is gone, the future didn't happen, so you only have this moment, which will be gone in a blink of the eye. By reflecting on the past, you are able to heal your present mind, which will bring a better future. "Do not lessen the time by following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the spirit." The Meaning of Constancy; time, which only goes forward and it can never be repeated again. Constancy is “nothing in excess" and “know thyself”. By knowing yourself, you learn the creator within, you understand the here and now. The past is gone, the future didn't happen, the past and the future is this moment.​

Sanskrit is the only way to understand the origin of Tarot, its purpose and meaning. When you translate the word Tarot, you will realise this ancient origin. The word Taro derived from the Sanskrit word tARA, meaning Earth, and from the Sanskrit word tArita, meaning liberated, saved, rescued, conveyed across. Why is Tarot related to Earth? Its meaning referring to our voyage, life, how to achieve balance and enlightenment in our journey of life.​

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