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This website only provides information about Gypsy Cards, the origin of
spells, anything to do with Sanskrit language, is translated, which
opens an ancient history previously unknown to most of us.
How Sanskrit Language Relating to Tarot Cards? The creators of
Sanskrit language were ancient people who also left us writing,
hieroglyphics as well, since Sanksrit used picture writing.
Hieroglyphics was the base of Greek alphabet and later on the

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There are many type of Gypsy Cards and, whether Hungarian, Austrian or Italian are a system all on their own. Well, this is what the  common belief system is  
among Tarot Readers. That is why Gypsy cards are not called Tarot Cards. What is the difference? Tarot cards like Rider Waite are numbered and usually  
consist of 78 cards. Whilst Gypsy cards are not numbered and don't have major and minor arcanas. What is Arcana? Arcana translating as 'secrets or  
mysteries', hidden, concealed secrets. The word is originated from Latin arcanus, from arcere ‘to shut up’, from arca ‘chest’. However, this word goes  
much further back than Latin, it's origin derived from Sanskrit language 'arcana' translating to  worship, honor and it is also relating to the primordial Sun.
The Secrets of Gypsy Cards and Tarot

Tarot derived from Sanskrit Tara, translaing to road, passing over
or beyond, passage, crossroad, ferry. It is also called Tarita, a form
of Durga, also known as carca, meaning inquiry, discussion,
recollection, which is referring to Akasha, i.e. that we already
possess this knowledge and all we have to do is to remind ourselves
of this wisdom. The full name of Tarot is Zigeuner Tarot, which
word again a Saskrit word, Zigeuner, Cigany Tzigani derived from
Cintana, which translates to philosophy. Therefore the meaning of
Gypsy Tarot is Philosophy of Life's journey.
How to Read Gypsy Cards

On most Gypsy cards Constancy is portrayed with the sun, representing our origin, the  
continuation of life, referring to constancy. The image here however, seem to portray a woman  
standing strong over and above the rubles left from an ancient city, reminding us that all the  
objects we cherish today has no meaning tomorrow. She is Hora taken from Sanksrit hour, the  
personifications of time and natural order; According to Hesiod, the Horae were the children of  
Zeus, from Sanskrit Sus and Zus (sound of God) and Themis from Sanskrit Tattva, meaning balance,  
justice and truth. Zeus and Themis daughters are Eunomia, (Sanskrit enA i.e. Time) Dike, (dik i.e.  
direction, order) and Eirene-i.e., araNI, mother, Sun and araNa, refuge, indicating the extension  
of their functions from nature to the events of human life.
Reading Tarot is Fun.

You could ask how these ancient definitions can apply today,  
within modern society it surely cannot work. The meaning of the  
images derived from Sanskrit and each card interpretation is  
such a thorough study of the mind that it would take a whole  
book just to explain one card. Even today's psychologist are still  
behind understanding the complexity of the psyche in  
comparison to the speaker and inventors of the Sanskrit  
language, the Phoenicians. These ancient people extensively  
decoded the mind, because the language itself allows a much  
deeper understanding, a view of the world, which opens the  
door to other dimensions.
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