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This website only provides information about Gypsy Cards, the
origin of spells, anything to do with Sanskrit language, is translated,
which opens an ancient history previously unknown to most of us.
Did you know? Sanskrit is the most ancient language, and the
Phoenicians are the most ancient people. Logic would conclude the
two ancients must be the same. That is, the Phoenicians were the
original speakers of Sanksrit language.

The Charmed Book of Shadows is in DNL  e-book format, 643 pages  and 121 MB download. Available for download or on DVD. The book can be printed, but it prints the book as you see it, with edges. DNL books will not give you  good quality for printing, but it is perfect for your desktop.The Charmed Book of Shadows DNL e-book allows you to turn the pages on your desktop just like a real book. To be able to use it, you will have to download the small file which will enable you to use dnl e-books:
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The Charmed Book of Shadows, or "the Book of Shadows", is a fictional book of witchcraft from the TV series Charmed. Witches however, always used their own "Book of Shadows" where they kept their spells, recipes and every Book of Shadows is different. In the movie, the Charmed Book of Shadows was created by Melinda Warren and was passed down through many generation to the Charmed Ones. This book contains spells, incantations, potions and information of the evil beings that their ancestors have once faced. They first find out that they were witches when Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows in their attic, at midnight on a full moon, and reads an incantation.
A demonic bounty-hunter willing to sell out to the highest bidder as long as they agree to his one rule, he gets to keep the mark.

Known for freezing his pray into personal trophies Burke takes a sadistic pleasure in his job. Lacking any code of honour, Burke will hunt anything, demon, witch, warlock...

Fearless, Burke doesn't even feel a need to hide out. If you dare, the following spell can be used to locate Burke:

Let the hunted of the past be your guide, take us to the hunter that does not hide.

The first thing you should be aware of, is that the original speakers of Sanskrit language were the Phoenicians. The Sanskrit language is not made for religious  
purposes only, it is a spoken language even today. The Phoenicians true identity and their language kept hidden and instead the media using misleading  
propaganda of their origin, their language, customs, their appearance which is brown and not blond and white, hence they become a free topic for all kind of  
speculations. The truth is that the Phoenicians were not only the founders of the Sanskrit language, but they laid down the foundation of philosophy, science  
and religion. When we talk about religion however, do not picture temples and churches. A Church or a Temple is your body, it should not be outside of you.  
When you join any religious organisation, you become part of a hierarchical system which always based on corruption, inequality, hence it is against the base  
principles of impartiality, which was the core foundation of the Phoenician's religious belief system. The Sanskrit writing as the Sanskrit language claimed to be  
Indian. That is not so. The Indians today speak a language which is less evolved, the same way as other European languages then Sanskrit. Why would any nation  
change a highly sofisticated language to a lesser one? Because Indian the same way as European languages evolved or rather devolved from Sanskrit. It is not  
their native language.
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