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Powerful Gypsy Spells.

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The Gypsy Spell Book is 54 pages, include step by step instructions how to do Gypsy Spells.  The book also sheds light on ancient history, and how greed took over the world which is embedded in the image of the Baphomet. The  book explaining image symbolism, and how the temple of Solomon connected to  Baphomet, to greed, which destroyed not only the environment but too many innocent lives. Whole nations were wiped out, and it still continuing. It have to stop before it is too late.

Although the book does not contain spells, it will provide you with a guide how to achieve a higher self, to be able to cast spells, such as Gypsy Healing Spell, Gypsy Love Spell, Gypsy Wealth Spell. It is strongly recommended not to cast spells for selfish reasons and Love spell is one of them.  If you have to cast love spell, it means you are manipulating another person, you are forcing your own selfish needs on another. Therefore, you did not understand what the book is teaching and the spell will not work.

Information:  From the Gypsy Spell Book you learn enhanced sensitivity to all things, from which communication may result-such as the reception of impressions, guidance or thought communication ("telepathy"). All these various forms of communication are related, for all take place through the field of pure consciousness. The "thinking mind," in its activity, serves as an obstruction and a filtering process, preventing the conscious awareness from effectively receiving such communication.  Acquiring the ability to quiet the "thinking mind" and come into greater contact with the state of pure consciousness enhances the receptivity of the awareness to these various forms of communication.

The ability to visualize, to "see" psychically, which has also been called "psychic sight," "high sense perception," "second sight," and other names. This may include intuitive forms of "seeing," in the mind's eye, as well as experiences involving physical sight. These abilities come from a development of the abilities of the sixth chakra, as a result of the proper practice of visualization, and visions, various forms of "remote viewing," precognition, and the ability to see the human aura are some examples of the receptive aspect of the visualization ability that results. Greater overall intuitive awareness, in whatever form it manifests, is commonly present. Later, after some practice, the ability to use your visualization ability in the sense of sending or directing energy (rather than receiving it, as with psychic sight). Various kinds of energy, color, light or qualities may be sent. This active visualization ability is also the result of regular practice of meditation. It is particularly useful in healing work, where the ability to visualize in this way is a necessary prerequisite to proper performance of the many advanced healing techniques which require that energy, color and light be directed to certain locations in certain particular ways. Various other "supernormal" abilities will be gained if you folow the instructions, which will vary from person to person.

Gypsy Spells

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Put Your Fate Into Your Own Hands.

Gypsy Spells

Gypsy Spells
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Gypsy Spells


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