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Gypsy Spells

Ancient Answer to Magic and Spells

The original, or ancient name of tarot card is Tara and Tarita in Gypsy, Sanskrit language, which means guide to the right path. It served as a guide to the right path, how to deal with our emotions, how to overcome desires, which entail jealousy, anger, hope, sadness, deceit, greed, pride, etc. The cards also give you a glimpse into the ancient Gypsy belief system of creation and into the ancient past of the Roma people. Despite of the popular belief which is portraying Gypsies as people who roamed they lived a settled lifestyle. The principles of the cards are serving as a philosophy of life, helping you to find happiness, the meaning and purpose of life. These principles will enable you to understand your place within this universe, helping you to find the order and the priorities which should be of concern, to devise a proper way to live our life, to achieve balance.
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Gypsy Spells

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Gypsy Spells

Using magick to forcefully control another's will is a selfish desire, it is the ego, the 'I' at full force. Magic, casting spells, can also attract people who feel powerless over their life, thus, they turn to spells to create the illusion of control.

What is the Ancient Gypsy answer to Magic and Spells?

Magic, Witchcraft, Spells, considered a mental blindness created by the Serpent, the Gorgons. Therefore, Gypsies don't practice any type of magick. However, in the ancient interpretation of the tarot cards they left a wisdom, which should explain the lifestyle of the Roma, Gypsy people:
The serpent has to move in the background, that's what the careful steps are suggesting, and specially not to disturb the mirage of innocence, what it projects to the outside world. The serpent has to stay invisible. On the surface it might be wearing a uniform, which can be of the Officer, Judge, Priest, King or Queen, politician or a wealthy merchant, any position or organisation which will give the serpent power over people. With the uniform the serpent is stripped from any trace of personality thus, it is easy to hide its true identity, creating trust, power and respect to itself. The serpent  created  a pyramid style system to have total control, which is set up  for one purpose only, to ensure the stability of greed and desire, to rule over the people. The background's narrowness showing the serpents narrow minded outlook of the world. Its main purpose is to bring the whole world to its level, creating desires, wants, greed, jealousy, envy, hate, war, as misery doesn't like to be on its own, but needs the company and the support of others. The main aim of the serpent it to corrupt the world until there is no good left. Once this is achieved it will tear itself apart, as the serpent cannot live without destruction.

The picture's deeper meaning is that to follow or to obey the serpents is not the missing freedom, but it is the inability to break out of the comfortable lifestyle the serpent offers, obedience which doesn't take effort to make decisions or responsibility for actions. When we follow the serpent who promise us freedom, we are free to act on impulse desires, which makes us a slave, thus we are willingly give up our liberty and chosen captivity instead of freedom.

Gypsy Interpretation

One of the Serpent's name is Sanskrit is papman, which translate to someone who causes injury, unhappiness, calamity and misfortune. The serpent is the devil. Whilst the Sanskrit name (leliha, de lilah) are both translating to the serpent as a deceiver, a parasitical worm who will try to find your weaknesses and use them to its own advantage. The serpent has no understanding of noble actions and thoughts and it only knows you in relation to its own self desires. For that the serpent will use your empathy to explore you and to exploit you, leaving you empty. The serpent is also called dvijihva, meaning double-tongued, informer, scoundrel, vanity, thief and enemy, and all these cards are representing the different side of the same coin, the Gorgons, from the Sanskrit garg, garji, garjo, gora, ghora and ghoram.. All these word translating to monsters, horrible beings, violence, rumbling, dreadful etc. The other name of the serpent is Zudra, often written as Sudra, translating to 'man of mixed origin' man who has the serpent's blood. He is also called Rahu, which describes it as an ever-angry tormentor, lord of illusions. Rahu's aim is to create darkness from light to stop your soul and spirit to unite, which would create Soma, enlightenment, knowledge.

The serpent Rahu use to have one head, (one tribe), until it was split into seven head, (seven tribes) by Prometheus who have stolen the light called candra, which representing brain and mind, emotions, sensitivity, softness, imagination, queen and mother. The story of Prometheus was not about the fire, but the light, Agni, the secret knowledge of the Roma (Gypsies) which enabled the serpents to become the 'seven sages'. (See card 52 Thief).

These sages are as follows: The politician, (zion in Sanskrit) meaning collector may be divided under three heads economic, constitutional and miscellaneous (spy). Zion's introduction of collecting taxes introduced slavery as many could not keep up with the payment of rent and loans, and thus the land had fallen gradually into the hands of the serpents. Which was only practiced in ancient Greece at first, than it spread to Rome and from there to the world. The second sage is the philosopher, who laid down the foundation of hastinakha which is translating from Sanskrit to 'sort of turret or raised mound of earth or masonry protecting the access to the gate of a city or fort' which is hinting the secret society of the Freemasons. The third sage is the lawyer and Judge, introduced injustice, oppression and discrimination. The fourth sage is the poet or the messenger Hermes (the media today), who has the most important part to spread ignorance in the world. The fifth sage is the officer, and with that the wicked was able to gain command. The six sage is the merchant, his job is to hoard gold and with that the ultimate power given to the serpent. The seventh sage is the priest, who's job is to create fear, ignorance and darkness.

The only way to free yourself from the Serpent is to recite the name of YahZus (see card 3), by reciting the vibration of protection, Paritta, which has the power to heal and to protect.